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A question very commonly asked is "Do you pierce kids?" and the answer is "Yes absolutely! As long they're able to make the decision for themselves."


We will not pierce infants or anyone who is unable to consent for themselves. At bare minimum, this is from 4yrs and up (often older).

Working with children is one of the most rewarding parts of the job and piercing younger people has definitely become "our thing".


More and more parents are learning about the benefits of seeing a piercing specialist for their little one's ear piercings and opt to not have them done with a “piercing gun”. It's fantastic! There's no piercing gun design that is a safe, clean option with quality jewellery. There are many misleading new “systems” out there such as ones that rely on hand pressure instead of a spring load. These still have a lot of the same drawbacks.

Your child's lobes would be pierced with a needle under the exact same conditions as any other piercing service offered here – with a completely sterilized, single-use setup all the way down to even the pen that's used to mark the placement. All jewellery is implant-grade titanium and/or solid 14kt and 18kt gold and guaranteed against manufacturer defects for life. These are some of the most hypo-allergenic materials for body jewellery we know of in the world so this makes the chances of an allergy very low for even the most sensitive skin types.

The jewellery used is a “Flatback Stud” which has a comfortable flat disc on the backing instead of a butterfly backing or other pointy ends! These detach from the front so you can also (when healed) switch just the front of the jewellery for different options without needing to actually remove jewellery from the piercing or need to purchase an entire new set of jewellery.

Before we make an appointment for the main event, it's strongly suggested you book in for a consultation first before booking the actual piercing appointment. Above 10yrs of age this is optional (but great if they're a little anxious about the idea of it) but appointments will not be booked for 9yrs or younger without consultation first. This is a chance to go over everything with you and your child in regards to the process and aftercare.


We can talk them through everything that's going to happen and what they should (and shouldn't be) doing to ensure they heal without any problems. I will pierce as young as 4-5yrs at my discretion but I've also declined piercing those much older if I'm not confident they're ready to go ahead with the process or understand aftercare.

If they are still a single digit age, please don't book in for the actual piercing before we've had a consult and I've given the all clear to go ahead with booking.
If you book in for a piercing appointment without consultation prior and we don't go ahead with it (regardless of if it's their choice or mine) you will lose your deposit so please don't book without booking a consult or getting in touch first.


In regards to other piercings on minors:
12yrs and under I only offer earlobe piercings.
13-17yrs I offer some other piercings at my discretion so it's best to get in touch first. I do not offer any intimate piercings, surface piercings or piercings that are more intensive to heal. It's best to get in touch first to check depending on what you're thinking of getting done. Due to insurance restrictions tongue piercings are also not offered to anyone under 18yrs of age. 


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