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Welcome to Remedy Body Piercing Studio.


Remedy is a specialist, body piercing-only studio. We take a modern approach to body piercing with quality as our primary focus. And because piercing is the sole focus - we do it the best.

So we can dedicate our time to you exclusively. Remedy is appointment-only for all services including piercing, jewellery services and consultations.

The idea of getting a piercing can be intimidating. Maybe you're taking the plunge into your (or your little one's) first body piercing or you're back again for an ongoing, complex project - we want to make that process as safe and comfortable as possible regardless.

We insist on carrying out the highest standards in both the quality of service we provide and the hygiene standards we utilise.

For this reason, all piercings services are performed with single-use needles made specifically for body piercing procedures. This ensures the least trauma to your new healing piercing and carries less discomfort. 

Items used for piercing procedures such as tools and jewellery are sterilised immediately before use in our studio. All items used (even the pen to mark the piercing!) are single-use disposable to eliminate risk of cross-contamination. And sterile gloves (not exam gloves you'll see in bulk in a box all together) are worn for piercings to keep things truly sterile. The overwhelming majority of body piercing services performed elsewhere in Australia are not actually a sterile procedure.

 We believe every single piercing – regardless of it being the most simple or more complex – should be executed as safely as possible. For this reason a piercing gun or "system" is never used.

Click here to read why piercing guns are never appropriate

Our piercers are members of the AuPP. An Australian based non-profit organisation dedicated to improving education and regulation relating to the body piercing industry. William, our head-piercer is currently serving on the board of directors. 

Jewellery used at Remedy for body piercings is - simply put - the best of the best.

All jewellery used for initial piercing is supplied from the industry's leading body jewellery manufacturers out of the safest, biocompatible materials such as certified Implant-Grade Titanium (ASTM F-136) or 14kt and 18kt Solid Gold. 


Excellent jewellery means your piercing will heal faster (and hurt less during healing). Externally threaded, poorly polished and low quality materials will hinder your healing process. 

Quality jewellery is an investment and each piece comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects. Unlike external jewellery or clothing, you wear this jewellery inside the body full time so quality matters

See more from some of our beautiful suppliers:

(Implant-Grade Titanium & 18kt Gold)

(Luxury Gold, Platinum & Precious Gemstones)

Industrial Strength
(Implant-Grade Titanium)

(Implant-Grade Titanium)

(14kt Gold)

Buddha Jewelry
(14kt Gold)

Gorilla Glass
(Glass and large gauge)


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