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The link to book online is at the bottom of this page.


To avoid having your appointment cancelled and/or loss of deposit please read through this page carefully.  

(Consider it our Terms & Conditions as well as deposit policy) 


* Deposits are non-refundable *

If you arrive late, don't show up or cancel you will forfeit your deposit and will need to place a new deposit to rebook. However, it may be rolled over to a new appointment if you provide at least 24hrs notice. If you are refused service for reasons such as failure to produce ID, refusing to complete a consent form or other reasons that could have been prevented by reading the rest of this page your deposit may be forfeited. 

* Booking online covers the cost of piercing only *

As there are so many beautiful options to choose from the price can vary a lot. Implant grade titanium options start from $55ea (remember - a pair of lobes needs two pieces of jewellery so typically from $110ea) while the finer things like solid gold and diamonds could be several hundred (or thousands, if we really want to get fancy). We can discuss options during your appointment but feel free to get in touch prior for a rough idea.

BYO jewellery cannot be accepted due to quality control. Only jewellery from our trusted manufacturers is used so we know exactly what's going in your fresh piercing and can ensure a suitable fit. We do not use jewellery that has not been purchased from Remedy (on the day or in the past) for safety and liability reasons. Previously worn jewellery is unable to be used in a new piercing. 

If you are booking in for any service on a piercing
not done by us that is under 30 days old, the only service we offer is removal. 

* You must bring photo ID *

This means a Government-Issued Photo ID such as a Drivers License, Passport or Personal Information Card. Even if you've been pierced here before and regardless of age. Temporary licenses without a photo cannot be accepted.
Unfortunately Student-ID cannot be acceptable as it isn't a legally recognised ID. 

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with proof of ID and relationship (such as their own Drivers License/Passport and Medicare card or Birth Certificate). This has to be a legal guardian - no aunts, uncles, grandparents or siblings unless they can prove they're the legal guardian of the person being pierced. No exceptions, sorry. 

You must
be 16 years old or over with appropriate ID to get a piercing without parental consent. 

You must be 18 years old or over to get an "intimate" piercing.

Children aged 13-15yrs may get select some piercings subject to discretion with a parent/guardian present. This is typically limited to select ear cartilage and facial piercings.

Navel (belly) piercings are not offered to anyone under 16yrs of age. regardless of parental consent. 
Only earlobe piercings are offered to under 13yrs. 
Please get in touch and ask before booking if unsure - booking an appointment for a piercing I have stated I don't offer to a certain age group may lose your deposit. 


If you're planning to get your childs lobes pierced read here first.

Booking for children Under 10yrs: Please don't make a booking for the actual piercing until after we've had a consult first and I've given you the green light. You can book online to arrange time for a chat with you and your little one to get the ball rolling.


Try to eat a meal or snack if you haven't eaten 4hrs before getting pierced. Also don't be hungover - you won't feel good at all!

If you have any allergies or medical conditions: Feel free to check in before as most things aren't an issue but it doesn't hurt to check. I'm not fussed if you have an allergy to peanuts but we might want to double check if you've had issues with skin disinfectants or similar. 

Please do not use any numbing creams/agents. I'm unable to legally pierce you if you have and if you show up on the day with numbing agents on (trust me, it's easy to tell) your appointment would be cancelled (and deposit lost). 

If you are taking medications that affect the skin (particularly Roaccutane or Isotretinoin) or have stopped taking them in the last year, please get in touch first before booking. In many cases it's best to wait as long as possible before piercing as they can cause severe complications with healing wounds. 

You can bring your phone (or other smart device) to your appointment as your consent form is now able to be filled out online with your own device! This is going to be quicker, more convenient for you and the most hygienic option as you won't have to share pens or devices with other clients. 


If you have any questions before booking do feel free to get in touch first!

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