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Welcome to Remedy.

Walk-in Only Saturday!

We're doing walk-in services and some fun discounts on select piercings.


Buy one get one FREE for piercing fees on multiple ear piercings. Does not include jewellery.
Only on one ear - you really don't want to heal both sides at the same time if you enjoy sleeping. 
This service cannot be shared over two people. 


Eg. Double helix - Cost of a single piercing fee plus jewellery

We will also run some of the same discounted fees from our previous event while stocks last.

Please give our event T&Cs a gander so we don't have to have the same riveting conversation with every single person. Your consent form link is at the end.

No under 16yrs.  

16yrs or over with your own ID

ID is needed for everyone regardless of age. Government issued *Photo* ID only. No student ID. 

A clear photo on your phone is okay to attach to your consent form. 

We are going to be moving at a faster pace than usual as often these type of shindigs can get a bit busy. 

Operating on a “first in, first served” basis. 
Also operating on a “this person is going ahead of you because you still haven't made up your mind” basis. 


Being nervous is normal and fine but too much carrying on and we will call it if need be. Same goes for being under the influence or just a bit too much of a silly sausage. Please be sure - you're paying in advance and we will keep your money (serious) then go the Winter Feast and buy some weird booze made out of cat litter or whatever (less serious). 

Many items and services are discounted but we probably still aren't the cheapest place in town during this event. 

We have jewellery from some of the world's leading body jewellery brands. Titanium jewellery is from $55 per piece 
Gold options (with a titanium backing) will be from $180 


We're also still operating at the same standards that got us fancy pieces of paper that say we know special techniques like “Aseptic Non-Touch” and “Not Giving You Hepatitis.” 

You're responsible for ensuring you are able to provide appropriate aftercare for your piercing and following up with a downsize appointment to replace your longer jewellery for a shorter backing (you can still keep the same pretty bit on the front) when swelling subsides in around 6 weeks. 

Our full aftercare guide is HERE

Consent form time:
Tap the boxes to tick. Hit Y/N for Yes or No. 

Don't close it til someone has signed it off with the magic numbers. If you do and it resets - you'll get to do it all again. 

Please try and have it pre-filled for someone to check over and sign off on before entering if you're waiting in line. 


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